The Best Magento Rewards Extension

Reward for purchases

Reward purchases with loyalty points in order to increase customer spending. Use Sweet Tooth’s rule engine to fine tune how customers earn points for purchases based on SKU, subtotal, items in their cart, customer group, the date, category, profit – any characteristic of a shopping cart or product. Get customers to spend more on each order using bonus rewards for orders over a certain amount. Incentivize cross sells and upsells using loyalty points. Get customers to spend more often using bonus points offers and point expiration reminder emails.

Spending points


Just like order earnings, you can completely customize how customers can spend their points, how many points they need to spend, and what rewards they get. Once your customers have points, allow them to spend them on discounts, free products, status-based rewards, experiential rewards, exclusivity, and more. Your customers are more than just purchasers who want discounts. Sweet Tooth allows you to reward your customers with anything.

Customer referrals


Sweet Tooth comes with a built in referral program for Magento that can be displayed in a customer’s “My Account” section with one click. Give customers loyalty points for referring their friends using email, Facebook, Twitter, a referral link, a referral code, and more. Customers can be rewarded for sharing their link, and/or when their friend creates and account, and/or when their friend makes their first purchase, and/or for every purchase their friend makes – it’s up to you. Sweet Tooth’s built in Magento referral functionality has powered simple consumer referral programs all the way up to full blown affiliate programs with multiple tiers.

Sharing products


Your customers can also be rewarded for sharing products and pages on social networks. Use Sweet Tooth’s built in social media icons to reward customers for sharing products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even Google+. Points can be issued “on hold” for a few days and you can set the maximum number of times that a customer can be rewarded for sharing products on social networks.

Sharing purchases


Get your customers to share their purchase immediately after ordering, right on the order confirmation page. Customers can show off what they’ve just bought on Facebook and Twitter. Not only does this get your site traffic and referrals, it also gives your products social proof.

Product reviews and ratings


Reward customers for SEO boosting product reviews and ratings. User generated product reviews are also great for creating social proof and customer confidence in your products. With Sweet Tooth, you can automatically reward a customer when they write a product review. Even more, you can only reward customers for reviews that you approve – meaning you have full control over what type of reviews receive points.

Account sign ups


With a Sweet Tooth loyalty program you give customers a reason for creating a customer account instead of checking out as a guest. Sweet Tooth has been shown to increase the percent of customers who create a customer account by as much as 35%. Getting customers to create an account is the first step to creating loyal, repeat purchasers.

Newsletter subscriptions


Give customers a reason to subscribe to your store’s newsletter. Giving customers points for subscribing has increased some of our clients’ email lists by as much as 10 times! Instead of giving coupons for newsletter subscription, give reward points that will keep your customers loyal to your brand.

Tiered loyalty programs


With Sweet Tooth, you can create a tiered loyalty program that has “levels” or “tiers.” Each level has exclusive rewards that are only available to customers in that level. Sweet Tooth can automatically move customers into levels based on their lifetime: revenue, orders, referrals, and how long they’ve been a loyal customer. This form of “gamification” means that only your best customers get the best rewards.

Point expiration and reactivation


Sweet Tooth can help re-engage inactive customers. Automatically send your customers and email with reward points if they haven’t visited the site for a certain number of days. By giving customers loyalty points, they’ll be happy to return to your site – and purchase. Turn lost customers into loyal customers automatically.

Reward any customer action


Sweet Tooth comes with over 20 customer actions that can be rewarded “out of the box.” Rewarding customers automatically on their birthday, on the anniversary of when they first became a customer, tagging products, voting in polls, sending products to their friends via email, and more! All of these actions can be rewarded with Sweet Tooth – no custom coding required. Do you have a custom action that you want rewarded? Don’t worry, we have an API that allows you to reward for any action that is useful for your business.

Manage everything in Magento


Sweet Tooth is a Magento extension – everything you need to run a loyalty program is managed directly inside Magento. Want to run a “double points weekend?” Want your customer service agents to be able to access a customer’s point balance? All of this can be done right in Magento’s admin panel.

Ready to use website content


When you get Sweet Tooth, you get a ready to use loyalty program. All of the customer facing content you need to launch a successful loyalty program is included in Sweet Tooth, and natively integrated with Magento. Turn customer facing content on and off with a simple drop down in Magento. Examples of ready to use website content are: a points & rewards section, a referral section, social sharing icons, point spending interfaces, point balances, and more.

Ready to use email templates


Sweet Tooth comes preloaded with email templates that work with Magento’s transactional email system. Just like any Magento transactional email, you can design and restyle to best fit your brand – all within Magento. Email templates included are: referral invitation emails, point earning email notifications, birthday emails, two points expiration emails, monthly point balance reminder emails, point sharing emails, and more!

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