Enterprise Loyalty Programs For The Web’s Largest Stores

Our enterprise plans are designed to provide powerful and scalable loyalty programs to the world’s largest stores. Our enterprise programs are the best solution for businesses doing millions in revenue online.

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We Power Some of Your Favorite Loyalty Programs

Chances are you have already seen or even participated in a Sweet Tooth loyalty program. We currently power thousands of programs across the globe.

We have experience in every industry and most countries in the world. Get in touch and we can show you some detailed examples and case-studies.

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Our Clients See Some Amazing Results

Here are the average results that our Enterprise loyalty programs are driving year-over-year.

Customer Lifetime Value


Repeat Purchase Rate


Year-Over-Year Sales Lift


Purchase Frequency

The Tech

Industry-Leading Features & Customer Experiences

The Experience

We Are More Than Just Powerful Technology

Sweet Tooth is far more than just an amazing loyalty platform. We are the experts and thought leaders in ecommerce retention and customer loyalty.

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Our Process

Launch Your Program in Weeks, Not Months

Faster implementations. Easier updates. No complicated integrations.
This is the easiest implementation process you have encountered!

1. Compare You to Industry Benchmarks

We start by evaluating where you currently stand. Looking at your current retention metrics and deciding on the best place to start.

2. Target The Highest Impact Metrics

Once we know your current retention metrics, we can identify the area that we can have the largest impact on.

3. Launch a Program to Target Those Metrics

Now that we know where we are starting, we can launch a program to target those metrics and drive maximum returns.

4. Plan For Continued Success

A program that is driving results is not the end of the road. We will help you discover areas for improvement and give customized recommendations.

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Why Loyalty?

Simply Put, Loyalty Works!

A retention strategy is what makes an ecommerce business truly elite. Rising acquisition costs and increasing competition is making it more expensive than ever to sell online, but a loyalty program will help!

“Just a 5% increase in your customer retention can lead to a 95% increase in profitability!”

– Harvard Business Journal

Transform Your Business With a Sweet Tooth Loyalty Program!