5 questions to ask feature image

5 Questions to Answer Before You Start an Online Store

Since I have been in the ecommerce industry friends and family love to share their next big ecommerce idea with me. While I love their enthusiasm, it takes more than a great idea to hit it big in the ecommerce…

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Pinterest post feature image

How to Use Pinterest for eCommerce

Pinterest by the Numbers Let us start with looking at Pinterest by the numbers. Pinterest currently has about 53 million active monthly users, which is about 17% of the American population. Americans are also the most likely to be on…

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Purchase Frequency

How to Calculate Purchase Frequency, and 3 Tips to Improve It!

In ecommerce, there are two common ways to grow the profitability of your store. You can focus on getting people to buy more during each visit (average order value) or by getting them to shop with you more often (purchase…

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5 Must have marketing tools for online stores

5 Must Have Marketing Tools for Your Online Store, According to Store Owners

I hear many online store owners praise a certain type of marketing tool while discrediting another. I then speak to another who thinks the exact opposite. It seems that everyone has a completely different opinion. It was getting confusing, so…

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How do I increase average order value

How to Calculate Average Order Value and 5 Tips to Increase It

There are two common ways to increase an online store’s profitability, increasing the average order value and increasing purchase frequency. In this post I will focus on increasing your average order value, and how an increase makes your store more…

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Top 10 Bigcommerce apps feature image

Top 10 Bigcommerce Apps as Voted by The Community

What are your must have Bigcommerce apps? Have your say with this community sourced poll. Join others like you in the Bigcommerce community who have already cast their votes. Results will be tallied every two weeks and checked for authenticity,...
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How to use popups the right way

How To Use Popups Without Annoying Your Customers

eCommerce site owners often claim to fear popups. Between breaking navigation flow and suppressing content, they draw user attention away from the page (whoosh goes your revenue). They’ve even been purported as the epitome of terrible UX. That’s the dark…

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New Magemail and Sweet Tooth email integration

A “Sweet” Email Marketing Integration for Your Loyalty Program

Nothing pairs better than loyalty and email marketing: they are like peanut butter and jelly or Batman and Robin. These two marketing activities can now be seamlessly integrated with MageMail – the triggered email app for Magento. MageMail’s new integration allows…

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Instagram for ecommerce feature image

How To Use Instagram For eCommerce

A picture says a thousand words, but does it for ecommerce? Instagram has quickly become one of the fastest growing social media networks, with a very engaged user base. But does it have a place in ecommerce? While it is…

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Gilt Insider Case Study

Loyalty Case Study: Gilt Insider

Gilt revolutionized the fashion industry when it debuted in 2007. The online fashion retailer uses high end flash sales to peak customer interest and generate demand. The site grew rapidly from 2007 to 2010 before stumbling a bit. Gilt insider…

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Luxury brand loyalty programs

Do Loyalty Programs Work For Luxury Brands?

You go to buy a new premium handbag, or watch, from an amazing ecommerce site you just discovered. They tell you that you can become a member of their rewards program, that will reward you with exclusive invites and first…

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Shopify Loyalty Apps

Increase Your Profitability With A Shopify Loyalty App

Who doesn’t like getting something for free? I for one love getting things for free, like the movies I get as part of my local theatres rewards program. When I get that email updating me that I have enough points…

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