loyalty case study: jetblue

Loyalty Case Study: jetBlue’s True Blue Rewards

The first frequent flyer program was launched in 1981, and started what would quickly become an arms race for the best airline rewards program or “frequent flier program” in the industry. Fast forward 30+ years and every airline has a…

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Cause Marketing Feature

How To Use Cause Marketing In Your Loyalty Program

Today’s shopper is demanding increased social responsibility from companies they do business with. This trend has lead customers to look for companies and brands that are doing their part to help the world by supporting a cause. Supporting a cause…

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Fashion industry loyalty examples

5 Loyalty Program Examples In The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is an attractive one (pun intended) when you look at the numbers. The market is huge with menswear estimated to be a $423 Billion industry and womens fashion eclipsing that at $621 billion. As a society we…

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Saying thanks feature image

Why You Should Always Be Thanking Customers

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many of us will sit and reflect on what we are thankful for. Most will be thankful for their family, good health, and of course the great food. But there is one thing that I am…

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Line Graph Showing Loyalty Breakage Rate and Redemption Rate

Loyalty Metrics That Prove Your Loyalty Program Isn’t Performing

When done right, loyalty programs can be an effective way to re-engage lost customers, develop deep customer loyalty, and create brand advocates. When done poorly, loyalty programs can be boring and disengaging, and might actually have the opposite effect of…

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Beauty industry loyalty example s

6 Examples Of Loyalty Programs In The Beauty Industry

There are tons of options available for shoppers looking for beauty and cosmetic products; what makes them choose you? Many beauty ecommerce sites are turning to customer loyalty to retain customers and increase lifetime value. With so many options available…

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Tiered Programs - Why they are effective

Tiered Programs, Why They Are Great For Customer Loyalty

Tiered programs are customer loyalty programs that give different rewards based on what tier a customer is in. The tiers are set with milestones that a customer must pass to be part of the next tier. These milestones are usually…

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Loyalty breakage is bad

Why Loyalty Program Breakage Is Bad

Breakage in a loyalty program is the amount of points that are rewarded that never get spent. While your accountant might love breakage, you should be concerned about high breakage rates. High loyalty program breakage is a sign that something…

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eCig examples feature image

6 Loyalty Program Examples In The eCig and Vapes Industry

The ecig/vaporizer industry is quickly on the rise. The electronic alternative to traditional smoking has become a very competitive industry, especially online. Forbes has projected that ecigs will surpass traditional cigarettes in sales volume by as early as 2047. An…

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Maslow feature image

What Online Shoppers Need, Adapting Maslow’s Hierarchy

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs seems to be everywhere. It was the only topic that was talked about in every one of my classes, from business to biology and everything in between. There is a reason for Maslow’s widespread acceptance. His…

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Creative program feature

6 Strategies For A Creative Loyalty Program

A loyalty program provides your site with an amazing opportunity. You now have the ability to create loyal repeat business and increase customer lifetime value. But, is simply having a loyalty program enough? Today you must have creative loyalty programs…

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Supplement loyalty program examples

7 Loyalty Program Examples in the Supplements Industry

The nutrition industry has become a very competitive place both in retail and online. The surge in popularity can be attributed to the the general populations increase interest in living a healthy and fit life. In fact, 61% of people…

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