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8 Ways to Humanize your Brand

Your customers do not want to deal with a cold, bureaucratic institution. They want to deal with real people such as themselves, people that they can relate to. The term humanized is used often to describe brands that can connect with customers…

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Loyalty Program Tiers Rewards Levels Gamification

5 Ways to “Freshen Up” your Customer Loyalty Program

Spring is the season of new beginnings. The air is fresh, flowers are blooming, and birds are chirping. New beginnings give us the chance to rectify mistakes, confirm strengths, and to identify new opportunities. With the hecticness of the first…

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5 Ways Admitting You’re Wrong Can Do You Right

No one likes making mistakes, and even less people like owning up to them. Companies are in constant fear that customers will be intolerant of mistakes and switch to a competing brand because of this. While this does happen at…

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Increasing Customer Lifetime Value Bar Graph and Line Chart

5 Ways to Increase Customer Lifetime Value

A while ago I posted on the importance of the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) metric and the reasons why it is the only way that you should view your customers. If you are unsure of what CLV is, and what…

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Tropical Oasis

8 Life Lessons Learned from Working in a Startup

Nearly three months ago I embarked on a journey that would teach me a great deal about my strengths, weaknesses, and career aspirations. This journey was not to a far off land or to a remote travel destination, but my…

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How to Engage Prospects so they Become Loyal Customers

An Engaged Customer is a Loyal Customer Commoditization, or a complete lack of differentiation in manufactured goods, is a term that keeps many eCommerce merchants up at night. The last thing you want for your product/brand is to be seen…

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Loyalty Program Spotlight: Fawn & Forest

Fawn & Forest is a children’s furniture and accessories store that appeals to parents with a flare for style and decorum. With baby products that fit in with the design of your household, customers no longer have to worry about “compromising their…

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How Social Media is Changing Customer Loyalty

Not the Same Old Song and Dance Since the early 2000’s there has been a monumental shift in the way that customers engage with brands. There is no longer a desire to uphold a transactional relationship, and customers are looking…

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6 Tips for Building Brand Evangelists

Brand evangelists are the most valuable customers that you have. These are your raving fans, the customers that would have no problem climbing to the rooftops and shouting your praises. They are a lot more willing to get involved than…

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BulbAmerica's Loyalty Program and Rewards Explainer Page

Loyalty Program Spotlight: How BulbAmerica Retains 200,000 Customers

BulbAmerica.com has been the largest wholesale provider of quality lighting fixtures and light bulbs for the US market since 2003. With over 200,000 customers, an international site store, 8 warehouse facilities, and over 18,750 items available for shipment - BulbAmerica isn’t just dominating…

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