Loyalty Program Spotlight: ToyZoo’s Well Designed Rewards

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“With the ToyZoo.com rewards program, we are more connected with our customers than ever before and they’re more connected to us. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, we’re giving our customers reasons to keep coming back and we’re building a loyal customer base like we’ve never seen. Our customers are checking out more products than ever before. They’re sharing and bragging about the products they’ve bought from us through social networking. All of this helps spread the ToyZoo.com brand further than it’s reached before. The rewards program is our way of thanking our customers for helping spread the word about ToyZoo.com. Because when you earn enough points to get something for free or at a huge discount, you want to tell people about it. When you’re friends hear about it they’ll want to start earning points as well. The points program will help ToyZoo.com grow, and in the end, isn’t that the main goal of any business?”
– Jay Demircift, CEO. ToyZoo

Puzzle Zoo recently rebranded their online presence and launched ToyZoo.com with Magento experts Rocket Web. You might remember Rocket Web from Magento Imagine 2013 – they won the award for Magento’s Most Innovative Enterprise site of 2012 with DeliciousKarma.com. Their work on ToyZoo.com is so good it might just win them the same award again this year as well.

The new site sports a simple, flat design that is also responsive. The combination of flat design and responsive layouts makes the site as easy to navigate on your smartphone as it is on your desktop. Rocket Web provided all the extra marketing graphics and the customized elements to the rewards program.

ToyZoo’s loyalty program reflects their customer-first culture: customers receive 10% back for every purchase they make. ToyZoo does a great job of promoting their program in various sections of their site: a dedicated home page banner, rewards content in the site’s header, and a link in the footer.

Earning Points for Purchases

All of these lead to ToyZoo’s dedicated rewards page where the program’s benefits are as clearly presented as everything else on the site. Customers are told that they can save $1 for every $10 spent. Beside this is a call-to-action that prompts customers to sign up. Due to the reward page’s ease of understanding as well as the program’s overall value, ToyZoo is converting would-be guest visitors into loyalty program participants.

Gold Coin Loyalty Points Image

ToyZoo also rewards their ecommerce customers’ actions. They do a great job of striking a balance between actions that are valuable to the customer and actions that are valuable to the store. For example, customers are rewarded 5 points for writing a product review, and an amazing 50 points ($5) on their birthday! Some other customer actions that are rewarded are signing up to the site, newsletter subscription, referring friends, sharing purchases through Facebook and Twitter and other social actions.

How To Earn ToyZoo PuzzleZoo Loyalty Points Online

One unique aspect of ToyZoo’s loyalty program is rewarding their customers for pageviews. For every 20 pages a customer views, they are rewarded with 10 points. This is completely custom built by Rocket Web, and is the first of its kind that we’ve seen! As the customer views more pages, they see a countdown in the header of the pageviews remaining until they are rewarded. We’ve seen a lot of loyalty programs, and this really had us impressed!

Earning Loyalty Points for Pageviews

Once a customer has received these rewards, a new way to earn points appears in the header on each new pageview, such as points for reviewing a product. Not only does this keep the user engaged and interested, it also creates SEO and customer confidence boosting product reviews! These new “challenges” that appear in the header essentially gamify a customer’s interactions with ToyZoo.

Earning Loyalty Points for Writing eCommerce product Reviews

Catalog Listing for Loyalty Program Showing Rewards Points Earned for Reviews and Purchase

Social rewards are robust as well. A customer can receive points for signing up for a customer account with their email address, but they can also receive bonus points for signing up using their Facebook, Twitter or Google+ accounts. This rich data gives ToyZoo more insight into their demographic, and makes the user much more likely to share content on social networks. Plus, creating every opportunity to make a visitor signup using their already familiar login helps new visitors trust the brand even more.

Encouraging Social Sign On eCommerce

Customers can also earn 10 points for sharing products on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google+. This is a big win for ToyZoo because it helps them spread their brand beyond the customers they already serve, while still developing a deeper relationship with their current customers.

Giving loyalty points to encourage social sharing of ecommerce products

Spending Loyalty Points in eCommerce Shopping Cart

All of this comes together to form a loyalty program that mirrors ToyZoo’s brand: fun, playful, engaging, successful, and a valuable addition to build on what is already a great customer experience!