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Magento Mageshades

Magento Imagine 2012 Preview

We’re sponsoring Magento Imagine for the second year in a row (you might have seen our video showing our preparation for Imagine 2012). We enjoyed Magento Imagine 2011 so much that we’ve ramped up the free swag that we’re giving away! Here are a…

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Why The Buzz Lab is Awesome

We love The Buzz Lab. They’re hilarious, creative and are experts at getting the attention of any audience – regardless of subject. They can make watching paint dry interesting. Here’s why they’re awesome:

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Magento Loyalty Partner on Certified Magento Development

If you haven’t already checked out the newest Magento blog, here’s a link. Magento asked us for an interview about our experiences with their new Developer Certification program. We discuss the advantages – both for software development and as a business…

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The Core Concept of Customer Experience

While reading one of my favourite blogs, I had an amazingly simple, but profound, experience. I was reading an article titled “Only One Half of Brands Can Identify Their Most Loyal Customers” on one of my favourite blogs, Marketing Profs. Just…

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