Amazon is the master of cross selling

4 Cross Selling Tips Designed for eCommerce

As you may know by now I am a huge fan of maximizing customer lifetime value! Attracting a shopper to your store is too expensive and time consuming to not maximize the transaction. This includes the first purchase as well…

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how to be lucky in ecommerce

Increase Your Chances at Success by Harnessing eCommerce Luck!

We have tendency as humans to over estimate how much influence we have over what we are doing. Yep you are less in control of your life than you think! This overestimation leads us to make quick and often rash…

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social media and rewards programs

The Importance of Social Media in Online Rewards Programs

How big of an impact does social media make on establishing customer loyalty? The short answer is a lot! The long answer is the content of this article. Social media has changed: the way marketers reach an audience, the level...
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when to launch a loyalty program

When is the Best Time to Launch a Loyalty Program?

When is the best time to launch a loyalty program? This is probably the most asked question after “how do I know if a loyalty program will work for my store?” The short answer is you should launch a loyalty…

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ecommerce 101 feature image

How to Sell More with eCommerce Psychology

eCommerce psychology is the new way to think about how your online shoppers are buying. Retail giants have been using human psychology to sell more for years, but not much has been written on using the same tactics in ecommerce….

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ecommerce design use unicorns

eCommerce Design – Unicorns and Rainbows or Listen to Your Customers

This is a guest post by Beth Shero of Shero Designs In the world of eCommerce, design innovation is essential, but does it need to be comprehensive or superficial? In other words, do we have to make unicorns fly and…

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how to make a loyalty program for millennials

What do Millennials Want From a Loyalty Program? Advice from a Millennial!

Millennials are lazy, have short attention spans, expect the world to be handed to them, and don’t value hard work! These are likely all stereotypes you have heard about millennials (my generation) but often times we are just misunderstood. Millennials…

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likability in ecommerce

How to Make Your eCommerce Store More Likable

Here it is, the final installment in our ecommerce psychology 101 lessons! In this lesson we will be covering how to increase your ecommerce sales by being likeable. Everyone is more likely to be persuaded by someone they like, and...
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ecommerce design feature image

10 New Strategies for eCommerce Homepages: From Minimalist to Scrolling

This is a guest post from Katherine Crayon of Template Monster Whether you are running a blog, portfolio or eCommerce online project, it’s always important to keep it up-to-date. Web design trends come and go. Every year we are anxiously…

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boost conversion rate feature image

5 Tips To Boost Conversion Rates on Your Online Store

This is a guest post from Kate Flanagan of Beeketing. Everybody says that if you want to reach your sales goals you need to maximize your conversion rates. This is true, but most people just say to do it without…

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new loyalty program launch email

Email Marketing Tactics for Your Loyalty Program

Email is not a component you always hear talked about when it comes to a loyalty program. Email marketing is usually associated with abandoned carts or half price weekends, but emails are equally important to the success of your loyalty…

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consistency principle explained for ecommerce

Consistency Creates Repeat Customers in eCommerce

You seem like a smart and well informed online store owner, you no doubt know the importance of using the consistency principle in ecommerce. When you get your customers thinking or acting a certain way they will begin to act...
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