new loyalty program launch email

Email Marketing Tactics for Your Loyalty Program

Email is not a component you always hear talked about when it comes to a loyalty program. Email marketing is usually associated with abandoned carts or half price weekends, but emails are equally important to the success of your loyalty…

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consistency principle explained for ecommerce

Consistency Creates Repeat Customers in eCommerce

You seem like a smart and well informed online store owner, you no doubt know the importance of using the consistency principle in ecommerce. When you get your customers thinking or acting a certain way they will begin to act...
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measure customer loyalty online

The Metrics You Need to Measure Customer Loyalty Online

There is common question in the loyalty and retention world, and that question is “how do I measure customer loyalty?” This seems like a fairly straightforward question, but it has many solutions. There are a ton of ways you can...
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the power of ecommerce reciprocity

Reciprocity: Give a Little get a Lot in eCommerce

Ladies and gentleman I present ecommerce psychology 101 lesson 4, reciprocity! In this lesson we will go over how to improve your sales with the principle of reciprocity. This principle is from the teachings of Dr. Robert Cialdini on influence....
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5 reasons you should drop ship

5 Reasons You Should Start to Drop Ship

This is a guest post from Rebecca Kaelin of Logicbroker. If you have not already implemented or considered implementing a drop ship model for your business, you are missing out on an opportunity to scale your online store. The American…

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ecommerce psychology 101 - authority

How to Use Authority to Better Your Online Store!

This is the third lesson in ecommerce psychology 101! Today we will go over using the authority principle to persuade your shoppers to make a purchase. In these lessons we will take the teachings of Dr. Robert Cialdini and apply...
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5 actionable ways to use your customer lifetime value

5 Actionable Ways to use Your Customer Lifetime Value

Last week I went over a super easy way to calculate a rough customer lifetime value (CLV) for your store. No confusing formulas or complicated spreadsheets needed. But what do you do with your CLV once you know it? Here…

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how to persuade with scarcity in ecommerce

Using Scarcity to Boost Sales in eCommerce!

Welcome to the second lesson in eCommerce Psychology 101! Where we teach you how to persuade your online shoppers to purchase more from you more often. We are taking the teachings of Dr. Robert Cialdini and applying them to the...
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CLV customer lifetime value

The Easy way to Calculate Customer Lifetime Value

Customer lifetime value is one of the most if not the most important metric an ecommerce merchant can keep tabs on. If you are not familiar with customer lifetime value you may know it by one of its other names:...
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ecommerce social proof class

How to Harness the Power of Social Proof (Consensus) in eCommerce

If there is one thing that challenges my love for ecommerce it is consumer psychology! I minored in psychology while I was taking my marketing degree and found that the two go hand in hand. There is a lot one…

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build an audience before you sell a product

5 Examples of Using Content First for eCommerce Success

“Build it and they will come!” a quote made popular in one of my favorite movies of all time, Field of Dreams. This statement may work well for attracting baseball players to a diamond in a corn field, but it…

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create an exclusive loyalty program

How to Create an Exclusive Loyalty Program!

Very few retailers will dispute the value of a repeat customer, and many are even familiar with how to create a loyal customer with tactics like personalization and loyalty programs. But many people a have a very narrow minded idea…

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