Magento Imagine 2015

Magento Imagine 2015: Sweet Tooth’s Journey

Another amazing Magento Imagine conference has come and gone, but not without some amazing experiences, time with friends, and great memories. This Imagine may have been the best one yet and it was an interesting one for the Sweet Tooth…

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What makes a bad ecommerce store

What Makes a Bad eCommerce Site? The Biggest eCommerce Annoyances!

Over the last week or so I have been encountering some pretty bad ecommerce sites! The things I see range from “mildly annoying” to “I will never shop with you again.” My frustrations have been building up to the point…

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Why are people afraid of online shopping

Why are Some People Still Afraid of Shopping Online?

We all know that one person. The person that just can’t believe you do your shopping online, or assumes the worst every time an order is placed. There will always be skeptics! But why do these people choose to not…

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Mistakes to avoid when starting an online loyalty program

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting an Online Loyalty Program

First impressions are everything! We have been told that since we were kids in school, and those wise words carry into almost everything we do. This is especially true in ecommerce, where 46% of visitors assess credibility on the look of…

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MageMonkey Feature Image

Powerful Magento Loyalty Emails with MageMonkey and Sweet Tooth

One of the best compliments to a loyalty program is an email service provider that allows you to send emails that include point information. With ebizmarts’ new integration you can combine Sweet Tooth with the power of MailChimp on your…

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feature image for dangers of discounting post

Dangers of Discounting that can Destroy an eCommerce Store

We have all taken advantage of a discount to try a new store or brand, but how many of you have made more than one purchase from that store? Was the second purchase because of a discount as well? While…

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Repeat customers feature image

Repeat Customers are Profitable! Here are the Stats to Prove it!

So you have spent the last few months putting together a killer Adwords campaign, setting up re-targeting, and promoting your social media messaging. That is great, but the customers you attract from those promotions are not nearly as profitable as…

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5 hot ecommerce markets that no one is talking about

5 Hot eCommerce Markets No One Is Talking About

You know all about the opportunity that exists in China, India, and Hong Kong. You know that the United States and United Kingdom are very strong ecommerce markets. You may even know all the best international ecommerce markets out there....
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The complete internationl ecommerce markets guide feature image

The Complete Guide to International eCommerce Markets

You realize there is a great big world out there that you are not currently selling to. Your focus has been on your home market for the last while, but now you are ready to make the jump and sell...
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Selling Internationally feature image

Selling Internationally, a $2.5 Trillion eCommerce Opportunity

One of the biggest allures of selling online is the ability to sell to anyone at anytime! You are not restricted to the foot traffic you can generate in your hometown, you have access to the world. This presents a…

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5 ways to kill an ecommerce business feature

5 Surefire Ways to Kill Your eCommerce Business

People always ask me what does it take to make a successful ecommerce site. My response usually starts with “well it depends,” and it truly does. Tactics and strategies for ecommerce success are so dependent on what you’re selling, who…

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Google mobile ranking feature image

Is Your Online Store Ready for Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update?

Are you ready for April 21st, 2015? If you are wondering why that date is important it is the day that Google will release its new mobile search results algorithm. This update has the potential to have a huge impact…

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