About Us

Sweet Tooth helps brands retain their customers.

Sweet Tooth allows brands to create powerful, white-labelled, point-based loyalty programs that substantially increase customer retention and sales. These loyalty programs drive results by increasing customer purchase frequency, customer lifetime value, and by lowering customer acquisition costs.

Or, more simply: we keep eCommerce businesses growing!

Join Our Team

Sweet Tooth is one of the most interesting and intellectually challenging places to work in the Toronto-Waterloo area. Whether you’re helping a client optimize their loyalty program, or working on scaling our infrastructure, everybody is held to a very high standard – and we deliver results.

We’re always excited to find new champions to add to our all-star team. If you have something cool to show us or need to treat your Sweet Tooth craving at our company, email us at careers@sweettoothhq.com with links to your Github and LinkedIn profiles as well as something creative!